Our products are sure to please your palate with our explosive mix of flavors.

About us

In Chiligrin we have over 25 years of experience in the market offering our customers the highest quality standards in all our products. We are constantly innovating, which allows us to offer a wide variety of chili powder and chili sauce products to season your every dish.

The selection and treatment of our chilies is made through processes that guarantee the product´s freshness without chemical additives. This allows us to keep the product 100% natural and healthy.

We take care of the whole process through our quality controls; from the fields to the moment you take it home, to ensure the best selection of chilies which will satisfy your whole family. Our brand not only reflects the variety of chilies that we use in our products but also the energy and skill with which we work with our authorized distributors.

We want to provide you with a tasty experience when you try any of our products, whether powder chili or sauces. Chiligrin is The flavor of the flavors!

Our mision

To provide a high quality product at a competitive price, making a commitment with technological innovation in our company to satisfy the needs of the market.

Our vision

To be a world class company leading the market.


Reliability, responsibility towards society and nature, respect, team work and honesty.

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